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Coaching for Spiritual Transformation

  One important role of coaching is to help individuals get a better grip on…

Coaching Requires New Thinking

The shift from telling to asking requires new thinking.mindset

In my last blog I talked about what coaching is. The most outstanding feature of the coach approach is that it relies on listening and asking skills to pull out decisions and solutions from the client vs the coach telling or providing solutions for the client. This shift from telling to asking requires new thinking on the part of the coach. Most of us have been raised in a culture of telling, advising, directing and commanding. It is the predominate mode of communication in our culture. Teachers lecture, preachers preach, bosses command and direct, athletic coaches direct and tell, parents lay the law down, and consultants give advice. Underneath the telling approach lies a basic belief system about people and how they learn and change. For sure, there are appropriate situations for telling and advising. But, overall the telling approach is the least effective way of bringing about real learning and lasting change. Information alone does not produce transformation.
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What is Coaching?

coaching conversationFrom time to time I have the opportunity of explaining what it is I do as a life coach. Though coaching, as a more formal discipline, has been around only for a few decades, the skills of listening and asking great questions to produce self-discovery have been used by people for thousands of years.
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