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God Never Leaves Us To Ourselves

God never leaves us to ourselves. When Jesus called those first disciples, he called them to be with him. The first and foremost part of being a disciple of Jesus is being with him, up close and personal. In his summons to follow him, Jesus was exercising a belief in those he called. He believed they could become like him and do the things he did. But it was from the context of this up-close and personal association with himself that Jesus could express this belief in those he called.
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Treasures in Christ

“In whom (Christ) are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” Colossians 2:3.
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Coaching for Spiritual Transformation

  One important role of coaching is to help individuals get a better grip on…

Touched by Love

11923244_10207564115570911_3996378224902337431_nTwo days ago, around 9 am, Thursday, August 20, 2015, this world received little Grace Lucille Smith, my oldest son’s first and this man’s fourth grandchild. As the morning unfolded and I was able to see my son, go in and greet my daughter-in-law, and finally see and hold this precious new life, I was hit with emotion at several different points bringing me close to tears, my eyes moistening and a deep push from within tempting to find its way out onto my face.
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“This workshop for me was fantastic.”

Coaching Destiny Discovery 2-Day Workshop

November 2014 Event Testimonials:

  • “Well organized and passionate. (Dave) answered questions well. It was amazing!”
  • “As an overview it was amazing.”
  • “This workshop for me was fantastic.”
  • “This was such an impactful class – for my own destiny discovery and learning to coach others through this.”
  • “The workshop was so well set out and walked through.”
  • “I really see your (Dave) passion in what you do and that makes the greatest difference in teaching coaching.”
  • “Dave is enjoyable and delivers the materials well. I am blessed and have a better understanding of myself and why.”
  • “You (Dave) are such a lover of people and a big inspiration in this area of coaching and serving people.”
  • “Dave carries a presence of peace and compassion and it is amazing to be trained and coached by him.”
  • “Well prepared (really professional). I felt comfortable (secure and safe) to explore.”

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Coaching Requires New Thinking

The shift from telling to asking requires new thinking.mindset

In my last blog I talked about what coaching is. The most outstanding feature of the coach approach is that it relies on listening and asking skills to pull out decisions and solutions from the client vs the coach telling or providing solutions for the client. This shift from telling to asking requires new thinking on the part of the coach. Most of us have been raised in a culture of telling, advising, directing and commanding. It is the predominate mode of communication in our culture. Teachers lecture, preachers preach, bosses command and direct, athletic coaches direct and tell, parents lay the law down, and consultants give advice. Underneath the telling approach lies a basic belief system about people and how they learn and change. For sure, there are appropriate situations for telling and advising. But, overall the telling approach is the least effective way of bringing about real learning and lasting change. Information alone does not produce transformation.
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I received breakthrough and clarity….

“Dave carries the Father’s heart in his coaching. He brought wisdom and a fresh perspective to areas of my life that needed clarity. Through our coaching sessions, my eyes were opened to discover more of who God has called me to be and how I communicate that. I received breakthrough and clarity which has helped me have vision for the present and the future. Dave facilitated a safe place with insightful questions, encouragement and accountability.”
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What is Coaching?

coaching conversationFrom time to time I have the opportunity of explaining what it is I do as a life coach. Though coaching, as a more formal discipline, has been around only for a few decades, the skills of listening and asking great questions to produce self-discovery have been used by people for thousands of years.
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“Dave is an expert at facilitating the coaching process…”

“I have attended several of Dave’s life coaching workshops. Through his teaching of how to listen and ask powerful questions, demonstration and peer coaching, I have realized the value of coaching. Through this training I began to discover what motivated my heart. This enabled me to see the necessary actions to be taken to empower me and set me free. I was also able to coach others in this way in the workshops and with subsequent coaching opportunities.
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Dave is like a spiritual father…

“When I began coaching with Dave, it’s as if a pot were stirred. He helped me to sift through areas brought to the surface and identify lies that I had been believing about myself and my own identity.  They were things that were holding me back, keeping me from going forward in pursuing dreams that the Lord had placed in my heart.  This resulted in barriers being destroyed that had kept me from experiencing more of the Lord’s Presence, which is the foundation of all success.  Dave is like a spiritual father, and he has a wonderful way of bringing us back to the love and acceptance of our Heavenly Father and the freedom that He has given us to dream big.”
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