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God Never Leaves Us To Ourselves

God never leaves us to ourselves. When Jesus called those first disciples, he called them to be with him. The first and foremost part of being a disciple of Jesus is being with him, up close and personal. In his summons to follow him, Jesus was exercising a belief in those he called. He believed they could become like him and do the things he did. But it was from the context of this up-close and personal association with himself that Jesus could express this belief in those he called.
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Coaching for Spiritual Transformation

  One important role of coaching is to help individuals get a better grip on…

The Kingdom of God is Within

God’s Signature Work is in Our Heart

I often say to those I coach that God’s signature work is in our heart. Jesus said it is out of the heart where actions and behavior flow. Transform the heart and the way we show up in the world as to our reactions, actions, and general behavior changes as a result. It is the inner world of our lives where God’s Kingdom is to find its first and primary expression. The result of hearts being renovated by God is an interior world where righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit reside as a natural state of existence – and this state can exist in spite of exterior conditions or circumstances. For our interior world to be naturally characterized by a condition of peace, rest, joy, and righteousness is to experience the Kingdom of God within. When God’s Kingdom invades and transforms our hearts, the exterior environments which we occupy can’t help to be impacted. God’s Kingdom and God’s will on earth happens one transformed heart at a time.
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Discovering Your Destiny as a Follower of Christ

I am privileged to be a part of a church culture that believes everyone has a calling, destiny and purpose in Christ. Believing this, we find it our responsibility to partner with Him to see our destiny and the destiny of others realized.
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Becoming the Kind of Person Who Brings Heaven to Earth

Sometime back I read Rob Bell’s book, Love Wins. The questions and issues Rob raises about heaven and hell and the eternal fate of people were challenging, thought provoking and stimulating. In all honesty, it was a refreshing contrast to the more canned, and rather boring, rehashes of Christian theology I have read.
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Constructive Feedback and Personal Growth

imagesI have the privilege of being part of a church culture in which honoring others and living out our lives from our identity in Christ are core values.

It is an inherently positive and affirming environment. It helps to produce within the lives of individuals a view of God, others and themselves that is positive, affirming, embracing and self-accepting. I believe it produces a great foundation for an environment of growth and development. When I know I am deeply loved and accepted by a very good God no matter what, I am better positioned to face the deepest issues of my heart with courage to change.
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Essentials for Reaching Our Destiny

What is needed in our life to propel us toward our potential and destiny in Christ? What are the qualities or essential ingredients which contribute to realizing all God has prepared for us to walk in? I was reflecting on this question today and I came up with the following list. I don’t claim this list to be exhaustive in any way, but I do feel the qualities listed represent a great starting place for consideration. Let’s take a look at what I came up with.
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