“In whom (Christ) are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” Colossians 2:3.

Our number one assignment as followers of Jesus is to know him – to progressively move into an increasing experiential knowledge of him. To know him and his Father in this way is eternal life. (John 17:3)

This verse in Colossians both intrigues me and excites me. It is a summons to explore the marvelous person of Christ. All the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are hidden in him. Do you hunger for wisdom and knowledge in your life? How about embarking on the greatest treasure hunt of all time? The greatest treasures we could ever discover are in Christ. Christ holds all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge in his person. He is wisdom. He is knowledge. These treasures are hidden in him so we can explore and discover them. They are not hidden so that only the smartest and brightest can find them. But they are hidden, so we must seek them. God is looking for earnest seekers, not just casual inquirers.

How do we come to know Christ experientially? What does it look like to explore the person of Christ and discover these treasures – treasures that will alter our perspectives and renew our minds? God himself must initiate this process. Jesus said it himself, “No one comes to me, except the Father draws him.” God is always the initiator. He summons, he calls, he invites. Where has God been inviting you, summoning you lately? Where has his still small voice been beckoning you to come further in and higher up in your relationship with him? As I mentioned above, this verse is a summons from the Father for me. It stirs my hunger to know Christ more deeply.

The response is up to us. What does responding to God’s invitation look like for you? For the first disciples it was a matter of giving precedence to simply being with Jesus and learning from him, or actually, learning him. What does that look like for us today? What does that look like for you? My response is personal. So must yours? What do you need to say no to, to say yes to searching out the hidden treasures found only in Christ? Saying yes and doing so will alter your life forever.

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