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Personal Coaching

One-on-one coaching aimed to facilitate personal growth and development

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Training Courses

Interactive, discovery - based training designed to equip participants in coaching and life - development skills

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Team Coaching

Coaching organizational teams to achieve greater synergy and leadership effectiveness


what clients and students are saying

Recently I had the privilege of taking the Level II Coach Training Intensive class series led by Dave Smith.  It was an excellent presentation of teaching, demonstrations and peer coaching practice.  I participated in one of the demonstrations showing the way to help a coachee see how the future would be impacted by specific choices.  We were speaking of a ministry to women I have a passion for.  As Dave helped me navigate seeing where the ministry would be in 6 months and then 2 years, I experienced a breakthrough and was able to see the women healed and restored rather than in their current state of brokenness and hopelessness.  It allowed me to have a new perspective and although it seems simple, I had not been able to see it from this point in time before.  Now as I begin to minister to women, I will be able to see their journey to healing rather than their current pain.  I will be able to speak hope and potential into their situations.  And in the midst of this new revelation, Jesus reminded me that this is how He sees me as well.  I am so grateful for the classes, my breakthrough experience and that I am being trained and released to do the same for others.

Sheri Lattus

“When I began coaching with Dave, it’s as if a pot were stirred. He helped me to sift through areas brought to the surface and identify lies that I had been believing about myself and my own identity.  They were things that were holding me back, keeping me from going forward in pursuing dreams that the Lord had placed in my heart.  This resulted in barriers being destroyed that had kept me from experiencing more of the Lord’s Presence, which is the foundation of all success.  Dave is like a spiritual father, and he has a wonderful way of bringing us back to the love and acceptance of our Heavenly Father and the freedom that He has given us to dream big.”

Sue Moon

“I have attended several of Dave’s life coaching workshops. Through his teaching of how to listen and ask powerful questions, demonstration and peer coaching, I have realized the value of coaching. Through this training I began to discover what motivated my heart. This enabled me to see the necessary actions to be taken to empower me and set me free. I was also able to coach others in this way in the workshops and with subsequent coaching opportunities.

Dave is an expert at facilitating the coaching process and I grew in understanding and confidence under his leadership. Subsequently, as I saw his experience and the Father heart of God he carries, I decided to be coached by him personally. He helped me identify and work through mindsets that needed renewing to bring a transformation of my heart as well as helping me to identify a way forward in some decisions I needed to make in my life. It has been an honor to learn from him and to know his influence in my life.”

Sue Beare (UK)

“Dave helped me make sense of my journey by walking alongside me and bringing peace and calm, wisdom and maturity. He connected me to God amazingly and always brought the focus back due north to God throughout all that was going on. His powerful questioning and intuition helped me discover my heart. All of this not only helped me to work through and survive the season I was in but make sense of it both in my own heart and through what God was doing. I felt that each session was well structured, kept just the right pace and brought valuable insights.”

Tina Southgate                                                                                                                                                                                 Professional Coach and Trainer



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