Life Development Coaching and Training

Empowering others toward their potential and purpose

Master Builder
Coaching and training

Investing in others for their personal development.


Interactive, discovery – based training designed to equip participants in coaching and life – development skills.

Personal Coaching

One-on-one coaching aimed to facilitate personal growth and development.

Team Coaching

Coaching organizational teams to achieve greater synergy and leadership effectiveness.

“A journey of a thousand miles
begins with the first step.”

Chinese Proverb

Latest From The Miter Box

Why I Write

I have been putting some thought into my writing lately. Why do I write? What is it I wish to communicate? What is the focus or themes of my writing? What is my unique writing voice? These are some questions I’ve rolled around in my head lately. Here’s what I’ve come...

Glory Restored

The Dreams and Desires of Our Heart What do you long for, wish and hope for? What do you dream about and desire for your life? How about for the ones you love and the world at large? When you take the time to reflect on the things that are most important to you, what...

A Perspective on Suffering and Loss

In September of 2018, the community of Redding, CA found themselves walking through the aftermath of a firestorm that had consumed over 1100 homes, taken 7 lives, and scorched over 164,000 acres of beautiful northern California landscape. Two months later the CAMP...