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Living Life on Purpose

What course is your life set on? Based on your life’s current trajectory (the sum total of your actions and choices), where do you think you will be five or ten years from now.

Image Is Everything

A number of years ago, now, Canon put out a commercial with the catch line,…

Belief and Behavior

Blago after trialHave you ever thought about the connection between what one believes and how one behaves? What might we learn about someone by watching their behavior over a protracted period of time? All of us are really open books and to the observant we can be read fairly easily.
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Glory Restored

Longings of Our Heart

What do you long for, wish and hope for? What do you dream about and desire for your life? How about for the ones you love and the world at large? When you take the time to reflect on the things that are most important to you, what kinds of things occupy your mind? Is it to be beautiful or handsome, strong and courageous, bright and insightful, at peace with yourself and others, or perhaps financially prosperous and successful? Is it to see your children flourishing in every area of their lives and to see your marriage full of richness, love, romance and sweet friendship? It could be to see the world at peace, where all people regardless of race, color, nationality, or social status are treating one another with honor, respect, and dignity? The list could well be endless. What would be on your list?
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Doing and Becoming

Do you view your life more as a series of events to be a part…

Learning the Hard Way

Needless to say, we are in tough economic times. Even with the recent passing of over a 700 billion dollar “stimulus” package, the economic prospect for our nation still does not look good. Prognosticators of all kinds are predicting at best a small improvement to the economy over the next few years to an all out depression, potentially leading to revolution, at worst.
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I am reading a great little book by Mark Driscoll entitled, “Vintage Jesus“. The author does a great job of presenting the timeless truths of the person of Jesus while targeting his message to teens and twenties. Though the language is a bit edgy in places, Mark succeeds at peeling away the “religious dressings” Jesus has come packaged in down through the ages and revealing the wonders of this magnificent person. As one cover leaf endorsement reads, “This is a Savior worth fighting for”.
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Have you ever wished you could get your mind around a certain issue or subject, really understand and master it? This happens to me all the time. There are so many things I wish I could understand, wrap my mind around, and feel like I really know the issue or the subject well. It seems the older I get the bigger the list becomes of things I feel intellectually inadequate to fully explain. I believe I had a much better grasp of things when I was younger.
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Being with Jesus

March 15, 2007
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Wasted Time

January 22, 2007
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