Coaching Destiny Discovery 2-Day Workshop

November 2014 Event Testimonials:

  • “Well organized and passionate. (Dave) answered questions well. It was amazing!”
  • “As an overview it was amazing.”
  • “This workshop for me was fantastic.”
  • “This was such an impactful class – for my own destiny discovery and learning to coach others through this.”
  • “The workshop was so well set out and walked through.”
  • “I really see your (Dave) passion in what you do and that makes the greatest difference in teaching coaching.”
  • “Dave is enjoyable and delivers the materials well. I am blessed and have a better understanding of myself and why.”
  • “You (Dave) are such a lover of people and a big inspiration in this area of coaching and serving people.”
  • “Dave carries a presence of peace and compassion and it is amazing to be trained and coached by him.”
  • “Well prepared (really professional). I felt comfortable (secure and safe) to explore.”
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