In just two days from now votes will be cast and America will decide who their next president will be. That decision, made by millions of Americans, will have ramifications for this nation and our way of life for decades to come. Decisions are like that. They play an integral role in who and what we are and are becoming. Granted, some decisions may seem less weighty in the magnitude of their consequences than others, but all decisions wind up defining and shaping us in one way or another.

What and who are you becoming? How are the decisions you make playing a role in that process? If you don’t like what you are seeing or who you are becoming or have become perhaps it is time to take an honest look at the kind of decisions you make. Decisions simply reflect what is in the core of our person, the good, bad, and ugly.

I’ve made my share of “bad” decisions in life. Decisions that have had negative impact on myself and others. But, thankfully, that has not been the end of the story for me. I have learned that God can redeem even our bad decisions and mend the broken parts in us that lead to making them in the first place.

Imagine a world, comprised of individuals who, from their own inner wholeness, were regularly making decisions which truly benefited themselves and others. Difficult to imagine? Start with your world and the difference your decisions, flowing from you own inner wholeness, could make on you and the ones around you. That’s a world worth imagining.