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Personal coaching is a dynamic partnership between you, the client, and myself, the coach, designed to empower you to move from where you currently are in your life, to where you want to be.
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Coaching is a unique type of conversation. It is a facilitative, intentional conversation with a focus towards your personal development and growth.

Here’s how the coaching process works. Usually we’ll start with a free Exploratory Session, which gives us the chance to meet each other, talk through objectives and expectations, and see if we click. It’s a no-obligation opportunity for you to get a taste of the difference it can make to have a coach.

The coaching relationship begins by identifying an agenda around which you wish to be coached. I will then help you create a well-formed outcome you wish to achieve – a clear target you wish to aim for. From there we will explore that goal, get underneath it by looking at what motivates you there, what’s important here, what changes will be needed to realize it, and what obstacles will need to be navigated around, over, or through to get there. Our coaching relationship will provide a consistent, affirming support structure that will keep you focused and on track. Along the way we’ll find plenty of chances to brainstorm, troubleshoot the obstacles, design action steps, and celebrate your wins. And we’ll have a lot of fun, too! We’ll build an authentic, energizing relationship where we can laugh together, share deeply, and converse with passion about the future.

Coaching sessions are 60 minutes long, and you have the option of scheduling these every week or bi-monthly depending on what works best for you. I ask all my clients to commit to a minimum number of sessions simply because it takes time to develop a coaching relationship and make meaningful changes in one’s life.

Contact me today to get your coaching journey started. A journey that will change your life!



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