MBCA Certification Requirements

Overall Requirements

  1. Successfully complete all five training courses and one mentor coaching cohort. (Successful completion of each individual course is laid out in the Orientation session for each course).
  2. Complete and document 50 hours of coaching experience
  3. Pass a final written exam
  4. Pass a final oral exam and be signed off by the training coach

Coaching Practice

Once the Foundations course is complete, students are encouraged to begin accumulating the 50 hours of coaching practice while they are in the process of getting further trained. If possible, the Mentor Coaching course should be fit in somewhere near the middle of accumulating those 50 hours, so what students learn from the feedback in the mentor coaching can be applied and practiced in their coaching sessions.

For the practice coaching hours to count they must meet the following guidelines:

  • They must represent an intentional coaching relationship where the person being coached understands they will be getting coached and has agreed to do so. Casual conversations with friends do not count.
  • 25 of the hours can be done pro-bono (for free) and 25 of the hours must be paid hours (both receiving $’s and bartering (exchanging services) are acceptable for paid hours).
  • A minimum of 4 different people must be coached over the 50 hours.
  • All coaching hours must be logged on a spread sheet with the person’s name, dates coached, and number of hours each person was coached.
  • Upon completion of coaching hours, the coaching log must be submitted to the trainer.

Final Written and Oral Exams

The final written exam will be a 100 question online exam with a combination of true/false, multiple choice, and click and drag questions. Exam questions will be drawn from content of all the courses and required reading materials. A passing grade of 70% or better is needed and candidates will have the chance to retake the exam one additional time if they did not achieve a passing grade the first time.

The final oral exam consists of the candidate conducting a 45 minute coaching session with another individual in the trainer’s presence and receiving feedback. There will be specific criteria the trainer will be looking for in this session upon which the candidate will either be signed off (pass) or instructed to do a second session. The cost for the initial session will be $125. If a second session is required, the cost will be $85.

Upon successful completion of all training courses and the final written and oral exams, the candidate will have successfully completed all the requirements of the Academy and will be awarded an official certificate recognizing them as a Certified Life Development Coach (CLDC).

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