MBCA Catalog of Courses

Foundations in Christian Life Coaching:

Course description: This 13-week intensive coach training course is designed to introduce participants to the heart, discipline and skills of life coaching, and do so from a uniquely biblical perspective. A solid foundation in the coach approach will be laid for gaining the skills which will enhance the student’s ability to more effectively communicate with and empower others. This course is a prerequisite for taking any of the other courses. Cost $429

Empowering Spiritual Growth

Course description: Building upon the skills introduced in the Foundations in Christian Life Coaching, this 13-week course is designed to equip participants with a perspective and coaching tools specifically for helping others grow in their relationship with God and better engage the ways of Jesus in forming us to be like him. Cost $429

Empowering Destiny Discovery

Course description: This 13-week course will take coaches and coaches-in-training into the heart of helping others discover their unique mission in life. Building upon core coaching competencies, this course will introduce participants to a Biblical framework and tools for helping others gain clarity to their God-given purpose and calling. Cost $429

Coaching the Calling Journey

Course description: The journey toward our purpose in Christ is not a straight shot from regeneration to glorification, but one with many ups and downs, stages, and seasons, designed to prepare us for our destiny. Using Tony Stoltzus’ book, The Calling Journey, and The Critical Journey by Janet Hagberg and Robert Guelich, this 13-week course is designed to equip Christian coaches and coaches-in-training with a Biblical framework and tools to help others navigate and engage well the journey towards their destiny fulfillment. It is recommended this course be taken after Empowering Destiny Discovery. Cost $429

Coaching and the Process of Change:

Course description:  Moving toward our potential in Christ requires change – many changes over the course of our life. As a coach, it is important to understand how change happens so we can more effectively facilitate this process in the lives of those we coach. This 9-week course will expose coaches and coaches-in-training to key factors both internally and externally which are needed for personal change to happen and be sustained in one’s life. Cost $329

Mentor Coaching Cohort

Course description:  This 13-week course is designed to hone the coaching skills of participants through a process of practice, observation, targeted feedback and debrief with a group of peers and under the oversight of an experienced coach trainer. A maximum of 10 participants will be allowed per cohort. Cost $499

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