“I have attended several of Dave’s life coaching workshops. Through his teaching of how to listen and ask powerful questions, demonstration and peer coaching, I have realized the value of coaching. Through this training I began to discover what motivated my heart. This enabled me to see the necessary actions to be taken to empower me and set me free. I was also able to coach others in this way in the workshops and with subsequent coaching opportunities.

Dave is an expert at facilitating the coaching process and I grew in understanding and confidence under his leadership. Subsequently, as I saw his experience and the Father heart of God he carries, I decided to be coached by him personally. He helped me identify and work through mindsets that needed renewing to bring a transformation of my heart as well as helping me to identify a way forward in some decisions I needed to make in my life. It has been an honor to learn from him and to know his influence in my life.”

Sue Beare (UK)

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